Monday, April 18, 2011

Princess cupcakes for the Goddess Athena

Hello, it's been ages since my last entry. I have been baking, but not updating. But because today, I have delivered cupcake order to the Goddess Athena who has turned 7 today, I should make an entry to commemorate this very important day. Athena is my son's classmate, her mom has asked me to make princess cupcakes for the girls and superhero cupcakes for the boys. Thanks Anita for having the faith in me to deliver all 40 cupcakes to school today and thank you Pauline for promoting my work. Hugs to both mommies. My husband has recorded the party for you, Anita.


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  2. Many happy returns of the day... thanks a million for making & helping to distribute the cupcakes.... What a coincidence, Athena & Amanda share the same birth date! Most importantly, the CHILDREN loved it & had fun. Hope yr day was fab like Athena's.